Monday, November 1, 2010

Becoming Frida

It's another Halloween night! However this year I was so busy with my guests at the hotel that I couldn't get into a costume. I know it's a little disappointing but you know, sometimes you have to put work before other stuff. But we put up "Happy Halloween" signs everywhere at the hotel along with lots and lots of pumpkins, witch hats and broom sticks, the classic stuff. We also hire spiders to hang out at the lobby area just for tonight. Don't worry, they are harmless.

Anyways, I decided to put this picture of me as Frida (you know I kiiiinda like her), from Halloween 2008, on a postcard and placed it at the front desk. It was my favorite costume ever. I hope you had a blast in amazing and creative costumes this year.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

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