Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The first ever LaLaLa sticker competition!

The game is on! First of all, sorry for the extremely late post. You know, it's the high season here in San Francisco and the hotel is super busy. But The LaLaLa is back with what has been promised: STICKERS!

OK, according to the votes on the Hotel LaLaLa product poll, stickers are the most popular. So I present you two beautiful packages filled with 5 stickers - a selection of Hotel LaLaLa characters and posts. Stickers are original illustrations printed at the hotel  and delicately hand packaged. Everything is handmade.

I have a question for you. The first two LaLaLa lovers to comment under this post with the correct answer will get one of the packs mailed to their address. Doesn't matter wherever in the world you are!

Q: What is the name of the city where Frida Kahlo was born? 

Go go go!


  1. yeyyy
    cevap vermek istiyorum: Coyoacan

  2. Coyoacan, Mexico!
    O zaman paketleriniz yarin yola cikiyor.

    Begum'un adresini biliyorum, Idil'in adresine ihtiyacim var. Email bekliyorum.

    Ve bu kadar cabuk yorum yazdiginiz icin de tesekkur ediyorum. Supersiniz!

  3. hahahhahahahah geç kaldıııııım!!!! 2.21 ve 2.22, inanılmazsınız :)

  4. tuh beeee :(
    luna bir sonrakini kacirmiycak.

  5. hay allah...artik bir sonrakine...

  6. Çok yoğunsun sen ama keşke bi dolu şey çizsen, wallpaper yaparız, kağıda basıp paket yaparım, türlü korsanlık:) Şaka şaka Etsy'de var mı printlerin? Korsana hayır:)